I try not to confuse coaching with teaching. My approach is about carefully getting into the mind of the performers and discovering new ways for them to improve both as performers but as musicians in general.  It’s very much an organic approach and my method is tailored to either individuals or ensembles.


I can find fresh and innovative solutions and generate great results – quickly. I can encourage the performer to lift the music out of the page and to see beyond the notes. I inspire and develop practice techniques that are never forgotten by the individuals.  


What is the music saying? How can I interpret it better? What am I missing? What fundamentals have I forgotten and cannot rediscover?


I am clear, articulate and refreshing in my approach. I promise to make a difference from being good to being outstanding.



•    Performance coach to Rotstab Clique, Liestal, Switzerland.


•    Performance coach to Junteressli Clique, Basel, Switzerland.


•    Piano accompanist for examinations up to and including diploma level.


•    Individual coach up to and including diploma level at performance – all     instruments.

4052 Basel, Switzerland   |  CH: +41 79 221 32 21, UK: +44 795 434 5483  |  e-mail: