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My production abilities have grown over my military career and beyond. Acting as consultant to major military shows and Tattoos across the world, I have the ability to inspire production teams with consideration for the show and performers alike. Having worked with some of the top production teams in the world including The Basel Tattoo and Live Nation special events, I have been at the cutting edge in this industry and I am often called upon for my experience and advice.

I have the ability to make any show exciting. I can inject energy and add a touch of class to any show by adding carefully selected artists or bands.

2005 - 2009

Consultant and Musical Director (dance music) for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

2007 - present

Consultant and advisor to the Basel Tattoo – MOD engagement, band engagement, Highland Dance and display music, horses and media.


Musical adviser (from the military) of the televised ‘Help for Heroes Live Nation rock concert’ event at Twickenham Stadium, London. Provided and sourced Highland Dancers, Ceilidh band, Pipers and Drummers and a Fanfare team.


Production Director and Director of Music for the London Military Tattoo.

2019 - present

Production consultant to the South African Tattoo.


I try not to confuse coaching with teaching. My approach is about carefully getting into the mind of the performers and discovering new ways for them to improve both as performers but as musicians in general.  It’s very much an organic approach and my method is tailored to either individuals or ensembles.

I can find fresh and innovative solutions and generate great results – quickly. I can encourage the performer to lift the music out of the page and to see beyond the notes. I inspire and develop practice techniques that are never forgotten by the individuals.  

What is the music saying? How can I interpret it better? What am I missing? 

What fundamentals have I forgotten and cannot rediscover?

I am clear, articulate and refreshing in my approach. I promise to make a difference for the better.

•    Performance coach to Rotstab Clique, Liestal, Switzerland.

•    Performance coach to Junteressli Clique, Basel, Switzerland.

•    Piano accompanist for examinations up to and including diploma level.

•    Individual coach up to and including diploma level at performance – all instruments.

•    Performance coach to the Museumskonzärtli, Basel. 

•    Performer and musical adviser to the 21st Grey Coats Battalion Fife and Drum Corps, Basel.


I possess multiple skills across a range of music competences:


Symphonic Wind band, Brass band, Orchestra and numerous ensembles including piccolo cliques in Switzerland.


Classically trained, accompanist, audition, soloist.


Classically trained, orchestral and wind band specialism.


Trained at Bradford and Norwich Cathedrals and was organist at several churches during my musical career.

Composer and arranger 

Wind music, Martial music, dance music, church.

Pfyffer (Piccolo) music (Fasnacht & Cabaret)

Coach and Consultant 

Conducting, instrumental performance and leadership. Musical shows and Military Tattoos. 

Choir and Barbershop coach.

Compere and concert presentations. 

Writing and preparing scripts and delivery.

Media operations 

Social media, interviews, press releases, establishing links using my professional network.


I can offer a number of musical services in addition to my own expertise.

I understand requirements and work tirelessly with the client to ensure the best possible outcome. Should you require any of the following, then I have the right people for you.

Musical Recordings 

If you are looking for a recording of your group or band then I can organize and deliver a top class recording on CD.

Event audio support 

Whatever your event, big or small, inside or out, you can count on outstanding audio support.  

Talent acquisition 

If you need a piper, dancer, singer, conductor, band or particular artist then I have a number of specialists I can call upon. From individuals, to full military bands and dancing troupes, I can engage carefully selected artists for events to add that extra touch of class.

Contact: 4052 Basel, Switzerland | CH: +41 79 221 32 21
UK: +44 795 434 5483 | e-mail: