My production abilities have grown over my military career and beyond. Acting as consultant to major military shows and Tattoos across the world, I have the ability to inspire production teams with consideration for the show and performers alike. Having worked with some of the top production teams in the world including The Basel Tattoo and Live Nation special events, I have been at the cutting edge in this industry and I am often called upon for my experience and advice.


I have the ability to make any show exciting. I can inject energy and add a touch of class to any show by adding carefully selected artists or bands.

2005 - 2009


2007 - present








Consultant and Musical Director (dance music) for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


Consultant and advisor to the Basel Tattoo – MOD engagement, band engagement, Highland Dance and display music, horses and media.


Musical adviser (from the military) of the televised ‘Help for Heroes Live Nation rock concert’ event at Twickenham Stadium, London. Provided and sourced Highland Dancers, Ceilidh band, Pipers and Drummers and a Fanfare team.


Production Director and Director of Music for the London Military Tattoo.

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